Meet Caroline Hendry-Mac Donald
Owner at Boyce's Martial Arts in Winchester, VA
Black Belt

Master Caroline Boyce (Master C.) first began her martial arts training in 1994. Taekwondo was the first art she received a black belt and then began training in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts as well as Muay Thai in 1999. She has attended camps, seminars, clinics and has travelled across the country to train with some of the worlds leading martial arts instructors such as, Grand Master Jewell Allen, Grand Master Randy Richie, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Mr. Frank Cucci, and Guro Dan Insanto. Master C. holds high ranks in Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai and is currently pursuing rank in our Krav Maga system.

A published author and blogger she has written articles on the influence of women in the martial arts, women's self-defense safety tips, how to help your child in martial arts training and much more. She was offered an appointment to the Master Randy Richie Master's Council and accepted the position in 2012.

She earned a degree in Business Administration from Shepherd University and applies her knowledge managing the academy. Master C. was appointed to Master Instructor by the United Martial Arts Federation Masters Council in 2012. She has attended numerous training and Leadership Camps to continue her personal growth. She is the founder of the BMA Women's Self-Defense Club were she teaches once a month for free to the public. She is very active in the community teaching church groups and child safety.

Meet Michael D. Boyce II
Owner at Boyce's Martial Arts in Winchester, VA
6th Degree Black Belt

Senior Master Mike Boyce is an established instructor in the martial arts community. He has over 30 years of experience in several arts such as Taekwondo, Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Shotokan Karate, Silat and many other systems. He was trained by the world renowned Navy SEAL Frank Cucci and was an official representative of the Linxx Martial Arts System. He is an official Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rigan Machado.

Master Boyce is also a certified "Associate Instructor" under Ajarn Chai Surisite (Master Chai) who is a world champion Thai Boxer and a Lumpinee Stadium champion. Lumpinee Stadium is one of two venues in Thailand that showcase the most fierce Muay Thai fighters on the planet. Master Chai is also responsible for bringing Muay Thai to the United States and is President of the Thai Boxing Association.

Senior Master Boyce has attended numerous seminars, clinics, workshops and camps. During his third attendance at the Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp he was promoted and received the "Hard Worker" and "Instructor of the Year" award from Ajarn Chai.

In 2011, in an effort to promote martial arts through a non-political organization, Master Boyce with three other Masters from different arts formed the United Martial Arts Federation (UMAF). The purpose of UMAF is to allow school owners to continue to grow as martial artist without the restraints and political policies most associations have.

Master Boyce was involved in Law Enforcement Officer in Virginia for over 13 years and is a Department of Criminal Justice General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Firearms Instructor. He is an NRA instructor and holds instructor credentials in SWAT Tactics,Officer Survival, Protective Security Operations and Defensive Driving. He is also the founder and president of Talon Protection Group which educates civilians, law enforcement and military on the tactical skills he has learned and developed. Master Boyce's experience in this field gives him a unique perspective on the realities of personal defense.

Through years of training, Master Boyce has studied ancient philosophies, history and tradition. His unique method of teaching will help everyone who attends his classes to share in the beauty of the martial arts.

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